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{February 7, 2011}   BC2/BC3 Blog Post Assignment 1- Due: Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2011

Hello Students!

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.  This will be the main portal for communication in this class so that we can cut down on paper usage.  So far, you should have:

1. Created your blog including setting up a domain, username and password.  Please make sure to keep your username and password secure and in a place where you can find it incase you forget.

2. Chosen or created a theme.

For your first assignment you will be picking a broad topic that will serve as the subject for your blog posts. You will need to choose a subject that is broad enough to explore over at least 20 posts, but focused enough to anchor your posts around a common subject.  For some of you, your blog topic will have something to do with a hobby, such as BMX, knitting, or haircare.  These are broad subjects that have various aspects to talk about.  For instance, if the topic of my blog was haircare, I could write posts about: coloring, cutting, products, hot hairstyles for the season, etc.  However, if I choose a topic that is too narrow such as, Super Bowl Sunday 2011, then it might be hard to come up with interesting topics to cover 20 posts.  It would be boring and irrelevant by next week because the game is over.

In your first post please:

1. Introduce yourself to your blogging audience.

2. Tell us the subject of your blog.

3. Tell us why you chose this subject.

4. Give us an idea of some specific topics under the subject you will be exploring.

5. Make sure to comment on three (3) of your classmates blogs and give them some feedback on their topics.  Suggestions are always helpful from a fresh set of eyes.

Specifics about Blogging in General:

You will be updating your blog at least twice a week.

Your posts should be between 300-500 words.

Each week we will be incorporating new elements such as: media, links, polls etc.

Your posts should use appropriate grammar and conventions.

Your posts should not include expletives.

Your posts should use language that is school appropriate.

Your posts should not gossip, insult, or harrass class members, students or staff members.

Your posts should not be plagiarized, if caught plagiarizing you will receive a zero.

Most importantly, one of the main points of blogging is to talk about things that are relevant and to hopefully gain a following.  Keep this in mind when selecting your subject!  Blogging should be fun because you get to explore views about something you care about!  Be thoughtful and be loyal to your audience! 🙂


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