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{February 8, 2011}   BC2 Multimedia Expansion Valentine’s Day Survey Assignment

Hello Beginning Bloggers! 🙂

This is your first assignment in the Microsoft Bundle.  Remember, the goal of this class is to give you tangible technology skills that you can use and transfer into all of your classes, not just computer class.  For this assignment we will be exploring Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Steps for this Assignment:

  1. Create a survey Using Survey Monkey Directions to create a survey like this one will be given in class.
  2. Post the link to your survey to your blog. 
  3. Get people  in class to take your survey at least 10 people need to take your survey. 
  4. Use the results from your survey to create a simple document brief incorporating elements from Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.
  5. Your Final product should look something like the handout I will be giving you in class.

Remember that this assignment has alot of steps!!  You need to be in class as much as possible and pay attention to the in-class demonstrations.

This assignment is due: Monday, February 14, 2011… Valentine’s Day ❤


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