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{February 9, 2011}   BC2 Data Analysis Questions

This is the final step in our Valentine’s Data Brief Assignment… Congrats you’ve made it!!! You’re almost to homeplate!

By now, you should have:

  1. Created a 5 question survey on
  2. Posted the link to your survey up on your blog
  3. Taken at least 10 other classmates’ surveys
  4. Taken the results from your survey data and created Pie charts in Microsoft Excel
  5. Saved your 5 Pie Charts for easy access in today’s assignment.

Today we are going to be analyzing our data to create a mini-data brief.  This skill can come in handy in a number of settings in both college and the job field.  Think about it, if you plan to do any sort of job in marketing, advertising, or sales (this includes running your own business) you need to know your audience, what they like and what they buy!  Polls and Surveys are an inexpensive way companies can get to know their audience (consumers)  without taking much time to get to know them individually. They take this survey data and represent it in an “at-a-glance” way to their employees so that they can make decisions on whether to shift or continue the path of the company.  You will be doing this very same thing with your Valentine’s Data.

Now that you have your Pie Charts you will be asking yourself these major questions:

  1. What are the findings of my data?  Do I see majorities or minorities in answer choices?  For example you might look at your data and say, “Based on my surveys, I have found that most people surveyed would rather go out to dinner than to the movies on Valentine’s Day.”
  2. What are the correlations in my data? Does one answer or preference lead to another? For example, “Looking at my survey data, I am able to see that most people want to go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day and most people enjoy Red Lobster as their favorite restaurant, therefore I assume that giving a Red Lobster gift certificate to my parents as a gift would probably be a good choice.” 
  3. Recommendations- Given the results of your survey, what do you suggest that people do or not do for Valentine’s Day? For example, you could comment on:
  • Movie Choices
  • Gift ideas
  • Date Suggestions
  • What Single People Should do if they don’t have a date
  • How to ask someone out in a creative way
  • Ect….

Remember your Final Valentine’s Data Brief will be a Word Document, Include Charts/Graphs to represent your Survey Findings and will give practical suggestions about Valentine’s Day Delimmas.  Please see the Sample handout I have given in class if you have any questions.

Your final Draft is due: Monday, February 14, 2011… Valentine’s Day @ the end of the period!


what do i make the survay on?

sanfordb1 says:

The surveys are made on

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