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{February 9, 2011}   BC2/BC3 Blog Post#2

Blog Post # 2 is Due: Monday, Februaury 14, 2011

Now that you have your blogs up and running (May I say they look good! 🙂 ) here is the opportunity for you to explore your subjects for the first time!!

Step #1- Pick a topic…. make sure its interesting!!  This will be your first thoughts about your subject to the world.

Step #2- In 300-500 words explore this topic: the ends and outs, other peoples opinions about it, make sure that you are very specific about the topic.  For example, if the subject for your blog is vegetables the topic for this post could be carrots.  In this post I am going to talk specifically about carrots: Why a person should eat carrots, the health values of carrots in a person’s diet, different ways carrots can be consumed (maybe recipes).  Then I’m going to end my blog with specific questions I want my audience to ponder about carrots… this will solicit feedback and engagement with my blog page.

Step #3-Visuals!! Try adding some color and variety to your blog… if you check out your dashboard you will see things like Media, Polls, Links… add these to this post to make your post more interesting.  Play around with them to see which one works best for your post.

Step #4- Advertisement…. GET PEOPLE TO YOUR BLOG.  Facebook, Myspace, Twitter text- all of these are outlets to get people to read your blog and interact with you virtually.  Part of this assignment is to get two, dos, 2 TWO people who are not in the class to comment on your blog.  You will be graded on this.

Happy Blogging! 🙂


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