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{April 14, 2011}   BC3 Personal Website Project

For this project you will be building a website using You will be collecting a number of artifacts about your life to include in the website.  Some of the information will be professional information and some of the information will be personal information.  As you add this information to the website, you will ultimately build a place for potential employers, schools and programs to go and get information about you as a potential employee or student.

BC 3 Website Evaluation

Part 1: What I Want To Do!

This is the presentation part of this project… what you will be presenting.  You may chose to do a Powerpoint or a Prezi, just insert the word “frame” for “slide”.

BC3 Powerpoint Rubric

Examples of Successful Powerpoints

Future Career

My Future Career

How to Be a MMA Fighter

Part 2: Who I Am

Personal Statements are effective ways to tell a future college or university who you are, where you’re from, why they should choose you.  See the examples below for more guidance.

personal statement instructions[1]

Personal Statement Samples[1]

Examples of Successful Statements[1][1]

Part 3: What I Leave Behind

Resumes are the paper trail that you leave behind to show people your skills.  After the interview, the resume is the only thing people will be able to concretely link to you.  Bomb the resume = no job! 😦  See the examples below for how to write a good resume.

Sample Resume

Part 4: What I’ve accomplished (Artifacts)

Here you can scan and upload certificates, awards, scholarships, contest entries, video tapes, pictures and other evidences of things you have accomplished in your lifetime.  This can be things such as: Honor Roll Certificates, Pictures of trophies, Pictures/Videos of Projects (art, welding, videotapes of you performing), links to things you have created such as video games, websites, blogs, writing samples, etc.

You need to have at least four (4) artifacts.

Part 5 Recommendations and Letters of Reference:

You will need to have 2 Letters of Recommendation or 2 Letters of Reference to provide evidence of other individuals view of your character, work ethic and drive.  Good letters of recommendation give a clear picture of who you are, your skill set and are generic enough to be submitted for a variety of areas: scholarships, job applications, etc.

This project is Due: Monday,

April 25, 2011


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