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{May 31, 2011}   BC2 Final Project- Tropical Destination Tour Guide Brochure

For this project you will assume the role of travel agent booking tourists to visit your exotic travel location.  You will be using the Microsoft Office Suite to create: a brochure, a budget sheet and a facts page.

You will pick your location from this website:

Brouchure (Microsoft Publisher):

Your brochure needs to include pictures of your destination, attractions, amenities (hotels, restaurants), etc.

Budget Sheet (Microsoft Excel):

Your budget sheet needs to create 3 different options for budgets to go on your vacation.  You need to create a budget for a couple, a family and a group (10 or more people).  Your budget needs to include the costs for air fare, hotel accomodations, food, activities, etc.)  Your budget sheet needs to include pie charts and payment plans. 

Facts Page (Microsoft Word):

Your fact sheet needs to include history about your location, information about the culture, the population, the weather, the natural resources, etc.  The fact sheet needs to be at least a page long. 

You will be graded on the following:

Formating needs to match across all three documents

Valid Research with sources cited at the end of facts page

Spelling and Grammar


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