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{September 13, 2011}   Production Assignment 3

Click on the Link Below for your reading:

Reading Assignments:

Everyone reads: The introduction of the article that begins with “When asked to describe a photojournalist…” and ends with “…each present a photographer with a different set of challenges.”

Particular Groups Reads the  following Sections:

Trent, Kelsey, Tom, Tristan, Jessie- read section on Sports

Alex, Rachael H. Desarae, Kaitlyn, Adam- read section on Illustration Assignments

Jared, Tylor, Garrett, Briikelle and Amanda- read the section on Feature Assignments

Tiffany, Becca Rachel Davis and Devin- read the section on Picture Story Assignments

Nick, Jordan, Laura, Maggie and Chelsea- read the section on New Technological Advances

Matt, James, Monica, Derrick and Drew- read the section on News Assignments 

Each person answers the following questions on your blog:

  1. What is photojournalism?
  2. What are the six basic types of assignments a photographer faces?
  3. Give a short summary ( 1 paragraph) of your section.
  4. What is the particular challenge for photography in your section?
  5. What are the techniques the article gives you for photography in your section?
  6. How can you apply these tips to your next article assignment?

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