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{September 20, 2011}   Production Assignment 6

Public Service Announcements:

This assignment has two parts. 

Part 1  is due Thursday, September 22, 2011 by the end of the class period.

Part 2 is due Wednesday, September 29, 2011 by the end of the class period.

Part 1 Instructions:

In groups of 5 (randomly selected) students will produce three public service announcements based on:

  • Character
  • Diversity
  • Healthy Lifestyles 

The Public Service announcements have to have the following characteristics:

  1. Be no longer than 1 minute each
  2. Not contain language that is inappropriate for school
  3. Must be catered to a specific audience: either k-6 or 7-12
  4. Contain video footage that is stable and good quality.
  5. Must have sound that is easily heard and distinguishable.
  6. Must contain effects including: titles, transitions, etc.
  7. Must include props where appropriate.
  8. Every group member must be filmed (visible) in at least one PSA.

Day 1 Agenda (Tuesday):

  • Watch winning PSAs from Last year
  • Introduce assignment
  • Randomly select groups
  • Get Familiar with Moviemaker Software
  • Start Planning Ideas

Public Service Announcement Plan Sheet

Day 2 Agenda (Wednesday):

  • Start/Continue Planning ideas
  • Select filming locations (locations outside of building will need to be filmed on students own time.)
  • Make a list of props
  • Dry run of skits
  • Start filming PSAs (you will not be allowed to film until the teacher has approved/ viewed your group’s skits)

Day 3 Agenda (Thursday):

  • Continue or Begin Filming PSAs
  • Load footage onto computers
  • Edit footage using Moviemaker
  • Load footage onto student drives and teacher drives by the end of the hour.

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