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{October 31, 2011}   Vote for extra credit


Book- 100 Bucks of Happy



Who is involved in the conflict?

Type of Conflict

Internal or External Conflict

Advice for how to Solve Conflict

1. Chris has a fight with his family about how to spend $100, Chris found on the street. Chris, his mother and Danny Man vs. Man External Conflict I think that Chris should find away to get something for his mother and brother with the $100.  If anyone else in his family found the money he would want them to share him.
2. Chris goes to mall and tries to find something to spend $100 on. Chris Man vs. Self Internal Conflict I think that Chris should try couponing.  It seems that people are able to buy a lot more stuff when they get a deal on the items instead of paying full price.
3. Chris and the sales associate at the mall argue over the cost of the leather jacket Chris wants to buy. ChrisSales Associate at the Mall Man.Vs. Man External Conflict Chris should be nice to the sales associate because she might be able to help him find something that he wants to buy.

{October 28, 2011}   Middle School- Reading Blog 2

In this blog I would like you to focus on the conflict of your outside reading book.  Please address the following areas about your novel:

  1. Name three (3) conflicts that have happened in your novel. 
  2. Classify each conflict (man vs. man, man vs. self).
  3. Tell whether the conflict is internal or external.
  4. What characters are involved in the conflict?  How?
  5. Give advice to the characters on how to solve their conflicts.
  6. Make sure to include a picture that either depicts the one of the conflicts or something that has happened in your novel so far.
  7. Please comment on at least 3 of your classmates’ blogs.

This blog is due: Wednesday, November 30, 2011


{October 25, 2011}   Production Assignment 10

For this project, your group is coming up with a product which you will sell using your website.  The product has to be original, nothing that has been seen on television or on the internet.

You will be creating a website with which to market your product using

Your website must contain:

The picture of your actual product

A commercial advertising your product

Testimonials from people who have used your product

The actual marketing campaign for your product. (Details to come)

This project is due: Wednesday November 2, 2011 

Today, Wednesday October 26, 2011 You will need to view the following sites and answer the questions below.  Each individual group member needs to have this assignment posted to their blog by the end of the hour.

6 Strategies to An Effective Name

9 Effective Rules for Branding a Logo

11 Steps to creating a Classy and Clean Website

Ten Rules for More Effective Advertising


  1. Product Name
  2. Product Audience (who will buy your product?)
  3. Product’s use?
  4. What does your product look like? (Be specific a picture or a sketch would be useful)
  5. As a group, come up with a Company Name.
  6. What colors will you be implementing in your company logo? Why?
  7. As a group, come up with five logo alternatives for your product. (You will be conducting a short poll of the class to decide which logo your group will use.)
  8.  As a group come up with a list of ten slogans for your product.  (You will be conducting a short poll of the class to decide which slogan your group will use.)
  9. Skit Write-up for your product commercial.  Please write a summary of your commercial.  Remember your commercial needs to be 30 seconds or less.  In your write-up include who is doing what role, who will be video taping, where you will be video taping, what props you will need and who will be responsible for bringing the props.  ***You will not be allowed to check out camera equipment without this done*** 


Please click the link below to submit your work habits rubric.

{October 17, 2011}   Production Assignment 9

Famous Journalist Project

In this assignment you will become familiar with a famous journalist.  You will be doing research on their life, work, etc.  You will create a minimum of 10 slide (your name slide does not count as one of the ten) power point on the journalist and post it to your blog no later that Wednesday, October 19, 2011 by the end of the hour.

Biography of Journalist:

  • Family
  • Hometown
  • Education
  • Timeline of their life
  • What kind of journalist are they classified as (sports, satirist, political, entertainment, etc.)?


  • What awards have they received?
  • What stories are they famous for covering?
  • Major contributions to the industry, positions held, work experiences


  • What organizations do they belong to/ run or start?
  • What organizations do they contribute to?
  • Have they made any significant donations to any charitable causes?

Examples of their work:

  • Books they’ve published
  • Links to their work (interviews they’ve conducted, TV shows, articles, stories, etc.)
  • What are the strengths of their journalistic style?
  • What things can you learn from them as a journalist that you can use in production class?


  • You must list all of your sources of information for your powerpoint (this will be the 11th slide, labeled “Citations”). 
  • You must have at least 3 sources of information.
Student Famous Journalist
 Rachel D. Helen Thomas
 Andrew Ted Koppel
 Ricky Dan Rather
 Amanda Barbara Walters
 Devin Tim Russert
 Matthew Wolf Blizter
 Becca Katie Couric
 Laura Cokie Roberts
 Adam Anderson Cooper
 Jared Walter Cronkite
 Desarae Oprah Winfrey
 Tiffany Soledad O’brien
 Derrick Lisa Ling
 Jordan Diane Sawyer
 Maggie Nellie Bly
 Tom Nancy Maynard
 Nick Geraldo Rivera
 Rachael h. Montel Williams
 Kelsey Ryan Seacrest
 Brookelle Connie Chung
 Garrett Julie Chen
 Tristan Mitch Albom
 Tylor Ida B. Wells
 Kaitlyn Katharine Graham
 Jesse Meredith Viera
 Trent Bryant Gumbel
 Chelsea Larry King
 Alex Robin Roberts
 James Edward Murrow
 Monica Elijah Lovejoy

Your goal is to create a survey which samples the opinions of your high school community, then tabulate the results and write an article which reports the results. Follow the instructions below to create your survey and write the article.

1. Choose an issue about which there is some controversy or legitimate difference of opinion such as the war in Iraq, open campus, or the drinking age.  All issues must be approved by the teacher.  No two groups may have the same topic, they will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.

2. Construct a survey instrument of at least 10 questions to find out what people think about your topic. Be sure you word your questions in an objective, neutral fashion, i.e. Should abortion be legal? not Is abortion murder? Your survey must also include a place for the respondent to write his/her own comments. This can be after every question or as a separate part of he survey. In this way, you will be collecting both statistical data and anecdotal information.  We will be using survey monkey to create and distribute your surveys.

3. You must get 50 people to respond to your survey. Try to devise a way of disseminating the survey so that you get a representative cross section of the high school community (including teachers, administration, and support staff).  Some ways you might consider getting responses are to: post the survey link to your facebook, twitter, other social networks sites, texting the link to friends/family with smart phones, creating handout tabs, giving people incentives to fill out your survey (candy, extra credit points, etc.)

4. Tabulate the results of your survey by both the percentage and the number of responses. For example, if you had surveyed 50 people about their favorite restaurant in Eau Claire, got back 47 responses, and 10 of the people said Mona Lisa’s was their favorite; you would report that 10 of 47 or 21% chose Mona Lisa’s as their favorite restaurant.

5. Write an article to report what you found out. You should report both the statistical data, i.e. the number of people who responded in a certain way to a question, and the anecdotal information, i.e. a representative sample of the comments that were written. If you want, you can construct some kind of chart or graph to report your statistical data. Your article should include not only your reporting of the information, but also your analysis of the results. What conclusions can you draw from the results?

6. This project is due Monday, October 17th by the end of the period. You should have a preliminary draft ready by Thursday, October 13th at the beginning of the hour so I can check your progress (you will receive a work habits grade for this on Thursday).

Group 1- Recycling Brookelle Matt Adam
Group 2- Abortion Ricky Chelsea Maggie
Group 3- Electronics Jesse Andrew Becca
Group 4- Grading System Desarae Tiffany Derrick
Group 5- Drug Use Monica Rachael H. Jared
Group 6- Cyber Bullying Kelsey Alex Jordan
Group 7- Driving Ages Tylor Amanda Nick
Group 8- Skipping School James Tristan Kaitlyn
Group 9- Underaged Drinking Rachel D. Garrett Devin
Group 10- Texting and Driving Trent Thomas Laura

{October 4, 2011}   Production Assignment 7

Interview Assignment

Your task is to write an interview story about someone else in the production class. You need to find out something interesting about that person…a strange hobby, an unusual experience, some special skill…that you can write about in your story. But first you need to know some general facts about this person: his/her age, family, residence, etc. Follow the instructions below to prepare, conduct the interview, and write the story.

1. Make a list of questions you could use to get to know a person well. Be sure you include those questions necessary to get some general information about him/her.

2. Form into groups of three (see the groups below) and alternate the following roles:

observer (this person just watches the interview taking place and comments on the process afterward)

interviewer (this person interviews another in the group to gather information for his/her story)

interviewee (this person is interviewed and answers questions about himself/herself).

3. As the interview is taking place, take careful notes so you will have the material with you when you write the story.

4. As you ask the questions, be alert for clues to interesting things to pursue. Ask follow-up and clarification questions to get more information. And be sure to get some good quotes to use in your story.

5. As soon as the interview is over, the three of you should carefully discuss the interview together. How did it go? What questions were most useful? What other questions should or could have been asked? How did the one being interviewed feel? What nonverbal behaviors did the observer notice at various time during the interview? The idea is to learn as much from the process as you can.

6. After the discussion, the interviewer should look over his/her notes and fill in any additional information he/she forgot to write down.

7. When you write the story, be sure to include some basic facts about the person you interviewed. However, the main focus of your story should be that interesting aspect of the person that you discovered and uncovered in the interview. Feel free to go back and ask more questions if you need more information for your story.

8. Be sure to use a lot of quotes from your source in your story. We want to hear about him/her in his/her own words.

9. Your story should be 400 to 500 words long. Be sure to save all notes in your reporter’s journal. 

10. Make sure to include a picture of the person, either one you take or one they provide for you.

The first draft will be due Thursday, October 6 at the end of the hour.

 Your final draft will be due Friday, October 7th at the end of the hour.


Group 1 Brookelle Ricky Jesse
Group 2 Chelsea Tiffany Tristan
Group 3 Alex Garrett Matt
Group 4 Thomas Rachael H. Laura
Group 5 Amanda Andrew Derrick
Group 6 Adam Nick Devin
Group 7 Jared Becca Jordan
Group 8 Trent Kaitlyn Maggie
Group 9 Rachel D. Tylor James
Group 10 Monica Desarae Kelsey

The Pigman by Paul Zindel

I am reading The Pigman by Paul Zindel.

It was published in 1968.
It is one of the first young adult fiction novels published in the United States.
Setting: The book takes place in Staten Island, New York.  The time period of the book encompasses the entire school year for two high school students.  In that time period, the social conditions for students were rocky.  Students were rebellious because they were reacting to events such as the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War.
Characters: The main protagonists are: Lorraine, John and Mr. Pignati.  Lorraine is a high school student who is kind of plain looking.  She doesn’t have veryhigh self-esteem because her mother tells her she is ugly.  She dreams of one day being a writer.  John is a good looking guy with beautiful, piercing eyes.  He is a liar and likes to play pranks such as setting off bombs in the bathroom.  He doesn’t have a very good relationship with his father.  Mr. Pignati is the last protagonist.  He is a lonely, old man who Lorraine and John accidently meet because they call him during one of their prank calls.  We find that his wife has been away with her sister for a month and he is desperate for company.  So far I cannot tell who is the antagonist yet.
Summary:  So far in the book I have read about these two high school students who have met a man Mr. Pignati.  I know that he is dead now and that they wrote this story to process their feelings about all of their dealings with the old man.  I don’t know how he died yet but so far the book is really interesting.  I am eager to find out more as I continue to read. 

{October 4, 2011}   Middle School Reading Blog 1

In this post I want you to introduce us to your book.  Your post must include the following:

  1. A picture of your book
  2. The author
  3. The date the book was published
  4. The genre (eg. fiction, nonfiction, biography, etc.)
  5. Setting (Time, Place, Social Conditions, Weather Conditions, Mood/Atmosphere)
  6. Main Characters (Protagonist(s), Antagonist(s), and what you know about them)
  7. A paragraph summarizing what you know about the novel based on what you have read so far.
  8. Please choose 3 classmates from the list below and respond to their posts with comments about their posting or questions you may have about their post.  (***Please remember the rules for appropriate posting we discussed in class.)

This Post is due by: Friday, October 14, 2011

et cetera