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{October 4, 2011}   Middle School Reading Blog Post 1 (Sample)
The Pigman by Paul Zindel

I am reading The Pigman by Paul Zindel.

It was published in 1968.
It is one of the first young adult fiction novels published in the United States.
Setting: The book takes place in Staten Island, New York.  The time period of the book encompasses the entire school year for two high school students.  In that time period, the social conditions for students were rocky.  Students were rebellious because they were reacting to events such as the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War.
Characters: The main protagonists are: Lorraine, John and Mr. Pignati.  Lorraine is a high school student who is kind of plain looking.  She doesn’t have veryhigh self-esteem because her mother tells her she is ugly.  She dreams of one day being a writer.  John is a good looking guy with beautiful, piercing eyes.  He is a liar and likes to play pranks such as setting off bombs in the bathroom.  He doesn’t have a very good relationship with his father.  Mr. Pignati is the last protagonist.  He is a lonely, old man who Lorraine and John accidently meet because they call him during one of their prank calls.  We find that his wife has been away with her sister for a month and he is desperate for company.  So far I cannot tell who is the antagonist yet.
Summary:  So far in the book I have read about these two high school students who have met a man Mr. Pignati.  I know that he is dead now and that they wrote this story to process their feelings about all of their dealings with the old man.  I don’t know how he died yet but so far the book is really interesting.  I am eager to find out more as I continue to read. 

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