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{October 4, 2011}   Production Assignment 7

Interview Assignment

Your task is to write an interview story about someone else in the production class. You need to find out something interesting about that person…a strange hobby, an unusual experience, some special skill…that you can write about in your story. But first you need to know some general facts about this person: his/her age, family, residence, etc. Follow the instructions below to prepare, conduct the interview, and write the story.

1. Make a list of questions you could use to get to know a person well. Be sure you include those questions necessary to get some general information about him/her.

2. Form into groups of three (see the groups below) and alternate the following roles:

observer (this person just watches the interview taking place and comments on the process afterward)

interviewer (this person interviews another in the group to gather information for his/her story)

interviewee (this person is interviewed and answers questions about himself/herself).

3. As the interview is taking place, take careful notes so you will have the material with you when you write the story.

4. As you ask the questions, be alert for clues to interesting things to pursue. Ask follow-up and clarification questions to get more information. And be sure to get some good quotes to use in your story.

5. As soon as the interview is over, the three of you should carefully discuss the interview together. How did it go? What questions were most useful? What other questions should or could have been asked? How did the one being interviewed feel? What nonverbal behaviors did the observer notice at various time during the interview? The idea is to learn as much from the process as you can.

6. After the discussion, the interviewer should look over his/her notes and fill in any additional information he/she forgot to write down.

7. When you write the story, be sure to include some basic facts about the person you interviewed. However, the main focus of your story should be that interesting aspect of the person that you discovered and uncovered in the interview. Feel free to go back and ask more questions if you need more information for your story.

8. Be sure to use a lot of quotes from your source in your story. We want to hear about him/her in his/her own words.

9. Your story should be 400 to 500 words long. Be sure to save all notes in your reporter’s journal. 

10. Make sure to include a picture of the person, either one you take or one they provide for you.

The first draft will be due Thursday, October 6 at the end of the hour.

 Your final draft will be due Friday, October 7th at the end of the hour.


Group 1 Brookelle Ricky Jesse
Group 2 Chelsea Tiffany Tristan
Group 3 Alex Garrett Matt
Group 4 Thomas Rachael H. Laura
Group 5 Amanda Andrew Derrick
Group 6 Adam Nick Devin
Group 7 Jared Becca Jordan
Group 8 Trent Kaitlyn Maggie
Group 9 Rachel D. Tylor James
Group 10 Monica Desarae Kelsey

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