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{October 10, 2011}   Production Assignment 8- Survey Project

Your goal is to create a survey which samples the opinions of your high school community, then tabulate the results and write an article which reports the results. Follow the instructions below to create your survey and write the article.

1. Choose an issue about which there is some controversy or legitimate difference of opinion such as the war in Iraq, open campus, or the drinking age.  All issues must be approved by the teacher.  No two groups may have the same topic, they will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.

2. Construct a survey instrument of at least 10 questions to find out what people think about your topic. Be sure you word your questions in an objective, neutral fashion, i.e. Should abortion be legal? not Is abortion murder? Your survey must also include a place for the respondent to write his/her own comments. This can be after every question or as a separate part of he survey. In this way, you will be collecting both statistical data and anecdotal information.  We will be using survey monkey to create and distribute your surveys.

3. You must get 50 people to respond to your survey. Try to devise a way of disseminating the survey so that you get a representative cross section of the high school community (including teachers, administration, and support staff).  Some ways you might consider getting responses are to: post the survey link to your facebook, twitter, other social networks sites, texting the link to friends/family with smart phones, creating handout tabs, giving people incentives to fill out your survey (candy, extra credit points, etc.)

4. Tabulate the results of your survey by both the percentage and the number of responses. For example, if you had surveyed 50 people about their favorite restaurant in Eau Claire, got back 47 responses, and 10 of the people said Mona Lisa’s was their favorite; you would report that 10 of 47 or 21% chose Mona Lisa’s as their favorite restaurant.

5. Write an article to report what you found out. You should report both the statistical data, i.e. the number of people who responded in a certain way to a question, and the anecdotal information, i.e. a representative sample of the comments that were written. If you want, you can construct some kind of chart or graph to report your statistical data. Your article should include not only your reporting of the information, but also your analysis of the results. What conclusions can you draw from the results?

6. This project is due Monday, October 17th by the end of the period. You should have a preliminary draft ready by Thursday, October 13th at the beginning of the hour so I can check your progress (you will receive a work habits grade for this on Thursday).

Group 1- Recycling Brookelle Matt Adam
Group 2- Abortion Ricky Chelsea Maggie
Group 3- Electronics Jesse Andrew Becca
Group 4- Grading System Desarae Tiffany Derrick
Group 5- Drug Use Monica Rachael H. Jared
Group 6- Cyber Bullying Kelsey Alex Jordan
Group 7- Driving Ages Tylor Amanda Nick
Group 8- Skipping School James Tristan Kaitlyn
Group 9- Underaged Drinking Rachel D. Garrett Devin
Group 10- Texting and Driving Trent Thomas Laura

Monica says:

Hey, I forgot to ask you about the article draft and final draft. What am I supposed to do on those?

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