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{October 17, 2011}   Production Assignment 9

Famous Journalist Project

In this assignment you will become familiar with a famous journalist.  You will be doing research on their life, work, etc.  You will create a minimum of 10 slide (your name slide does not count as one of the ten) power point on the journalist and post it to your blog no later that Wednesday, October 19, 2011 by the end of the hour.

Biography of Journalist:

  • Family
  • Hometown
  • Education
  • Timeline of their life
  • What kind of journalist are they classified as (sports, satirist, political, entertainment, etc.)?


  • What awards have they received?
  • What stories are they famous for covering?
  • Major contributions to the industry, positions held, work experiences


  • What organizations do they belong to/ run or start?
  • What organizations do they contribute to?
  • Have they made any significant donations to any charitable causes?

Examples of their work:

  • Books they’ve published
  • Links to their work (interviews they’ve conducted, TV shows, articles, stories, etc.)
  • What are the strengths of their journalistic style?
  • What things can you learn from them as a journalist that you can use in production class?


  • You must list all of your sources of information for your powerpoint (this will be the 11th slide, labeled “Citations”). 
  • You must have at least 3 sources of information.
Student Famous Journalist
 Rachel D. Helen Thomas
 Andrew Ted Koppel
 Ricky Dan Rather
 Amanda Barbara Walters
 Devin Tim Russert
 Matthew Wolf Blizter
 Becca Katie Couric
 Laura Cokie Roberts
 Adam Anderson Cooper
 Jared Walter Cronkite
 Desarae Oprah Winfrey
 Tiffany Soledad O’brien
 Derrick Lisa Ling
 Jordan Diane Sawyer
 Maggie Nellie Bly
 Tom Nancy Maynard
 Nick Geraldo Rivera
 Rachael h. Montel Williams
 Kelsey Ryan Seacrest
 Brookelle Connie Chung
 Garrett Julie Chen
 Tristan Mitch Albom
 Tylor Ida B. Wells
 Kaitlyn Katharine Graham
 Jesse Meredith Viera
 Trent Bryant Gumbel
 Chelsea Larry King
 Alex Robin Roberts
 James Edward Murrow
 Monica Elijah Lovejoy

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