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{October 19, 2011}   Work Habits Rubric- Survey Article (Production Assignment 8)

Please click the link below to submit your work habits rubric.


allenb25 says:

Amanda, Brookelle, Tristan, Jesse, and Trent are doing night vision contacts. They will help people be able to see better in the dark. The product is made for teeneagers and adults.

davisr26 says:

Rachel Davis
Tiffany Howard
Desarae Kemmis
Becca Smith
Adam Bilyea

1.Concept: “Creeper keep away”

2.Audience: 9th – 12th Graders

3.Commercial Concept: Different scenarios when people use “Creeper Keep Away” to make a creeper go away. The person being creeped on will just spray it on the creeper.

4.Slogan: When someones creepin’ on you, while you be a sleepin’, they be peepin’ and you don’t want them a creepin’… Use “Creeper Keep Away!!” It deals with all your creepin’, peepin’ people. It’s fast, convenient, and it seriously works.

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