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{October 25, 2011}   Production Assignment 10

For this project, your group is coming up with a product which you will sell using your website.  The product has to be original, nothing that has been seen on television or on the internet.

You will be creating a website with which to market your product using

Your website must contain:

The picture of your actual product

A commercial advertising your product

Testimonials from people who have used your product

The actual marketing campaign for your product. (Details to come)

This project is due: Wednesday November 2, 2011 

Today, Wednesday October 26, 2011 You will need to view the following sites and answer the questions below.  Each individual group member needs to have this assignment posted to their blog by the end of the hour.

6 Strategies to An Effective Name

9 Effective Rules for Branding a Logo

11 Steps to creating a Classy and Clean Website

Ten Rules for More Effective Advertising


  1. Product Name
  2. Product Audience (who will buy your product?)
  3. Product’s use?
  4. What does your product look like? (Be specific a picture or a sketch would be useful)
  5. As a group, come up with a Company Name.
  6. What colors will you be implementing in your company logo? Why?
  7. As a group, come up with five logo alternatives for your product. (You will be conducting a short poll of the class to decide which logo your group will use.)
  8.  As a group come up with a list of ten slogans for your product.  (You will be conducting a short poll of the class to decide which slogan your group will use.)
  9. Skit Write-up for your product commercial.  Please write a summary of your commercial.  Remember your commercial needs to be 30 seconds or less.  In your write-up include who is doing what role, who will be video taping, where you will be video taping, what props you will need and who will be responsible for bringing the props.  ***You will not be allowed to check out camera equipment without this done*** 



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