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{October 28, 2011}   Middle School Reading Blog 2- Sample Post

Book- 100 Bucks of Happy



Who is involved in the conflict?

Type of Conflict

Internal or External Conflict

Advice for how to Solve Conflict

1. Chris has a fight with his family about how to spend $100, Chris found on the street. Chris, his mother and Danny Man vs. Man External Conflict I think that Chris should find away to get something for his mother and brother with the $100.  If anyone else in his family found the money he would want them to share him.
2. Chris goes to mall and tries to find something to spend $100 on. Chris Man vs. Self Internal Conflict I think that Chris should try couponing.  It seems that people are able to buy a lot more stuff when they get a deal on the items instead of paying full price.
3. Chris and the sales associate at the mall argue over the cost of the leather jacket Chris wants to buy. ChrisSales Associate at the Mall Man.Vs. Man External Conflict Chris should be nice to the sales associate because she might be able to help him find something that he wants to buy.

kappjm98 says:

How did you insert the chart?

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