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{November 21, 2011}   Production Assignment 11

Stroke Awareness Youtube Video Contest- This project is due Monday, November 28, 2011 by the end of the hour

Purpose: to produce a 60 second vignette to educate Michigan Citizens about strokes. 

Audience: Michigan Citizens who would be at risk for a Stroke

Must Includes:

  • The signs of a stroke found on the act F.A.S.T. website
  • This phrase: “Call 911 immediately to speed up care and help reduce the affects of stroke.  Skilled ambulance and ER staff work together and are trained in stroke care.”

Day 1- November 21, 2011:

Visit the following sites to gather information about stroke.  Post the information you have leraned on your blog:

  Please tell me the definition of a stroke, the treatments for stroke, the prognosis for stroke sufferers and name the leading research organization on stroke in the US and tell what they do:

Please tell what the risk factors are for a stroke:       

Take the stroke quiz here and write down the 5 warning signs:   

Tell me the effects of a stroke, how stroke affects mobility, define S.T.A.R.S. and give some of the suggestions to prevent recurrent strokes here:                  

Give the meaning of F.A.S.T. and tell what is significant to remember about each part:

Please tell me the types of strokes:                                 

Please list at least 3 Stroke Myths:                                          

Day 2: November 22, 2011

  1. Stroke quiz- using surveymonkey please create a ten question quiz about strokes using the information you gathered on Monday.  Place the link on your blog and get at least 10 people to take your quiz.  You should also take ten people’s quiz.
  2. Come up with a sketch for what your 60 second vignette will incorporate.  Please be specific.  By the end of the hour you should have the following things typed up on a sheet of paper:
  • script: who says what
  • characters: who plays what role- you may consider getting an older family member to play the part of the “person who is having the stroke.”
  • Setting: where will the scene take place some people may desire to tape this at home because you will have a home setting and access to an grandparent 🙂
  • props: what will you need to create your vingette?  If you are not going to use an actual elderly person you will need to dress up like the elderly person to play the part.

 Day 3: Recording/Editing Footage



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