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{December 1, 2011}   Electronic Newsgathering Project

In this project each group of three will be creating a 60-90 second report with the formatting described in the chapter you read about Electronic Newsgathering. 

A detailed explanation of the project can be downloaded below:

ENG Project Description011

A rubric for project grading can be downloaded below:

ENG Project Rubric012

The groups for this project are as follows:

Group # Topic People
1   Girl’s Basketball Game Nick L., Kelsey P., Adam B.
2   Mistletoe Dance Tiffany H., Garrett G., Chelsea A
3   Aggie Bucks Becca S., Derrick R., Tom B.
4   Mistletoe Dance Rachel D., Andrew M., Monica F.
5   Girl’s Basketball Game Trent C., Tylor H., Kaitlyn R.
6   Lunch Amanda B., Jared B., Devin V.
7   Winter Season Events Brookelle A., Jordan P., Rachael H.
8   Weekend Activities Desarae K., James v., Laura M.
9   Sci-Fy Club Alex B., Jesse P., Maggie W.
10   Lunch Tristan M., Matt R., Ricky M.

***Special Notes:  This project will require a substantial amount of out of class taping.  I do not expect to see only people in 5th Hour Productions in your videos!  You will need to have at least 1 outside of class DHS student and 1 staff member interviewed in your video.

This project is due: Wednesday, December 7, 2011, by the end of the hour.


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