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{December 9, 2011}   Productions Project- Christmas Carol Music Video

For this project groups will create a music video to a christmas song.  This song may be the classic rendition or an up-to-date version of a christmas song.  This project is due: Wednesday, December 14, 2011 by the end of the hour.  Videos will be played in class on Thursday, December 15, 2011.

Must Includes:

  • Your group must play the entire song
  • Your group must include different camera angles (zooms, panning side-to-side and panning top-to-bottom)
  • Your video must start with at least a 3 second intro with the title of the song and the artist
  • Your video must end with a transition to rolling credits  
  • Each person in your group must appear in the video at least once
  • Props where appropriate
  • At least 2 different settings
Group 1:  Group 2: Group 3: Group 4: Group 5: Group 6: Group 7: Group 8: Group 9: Group 10:
Desarae, Tiffany, and Becca Garrett, Laura, and Brooke Monica,Devin, and Alex Chelsea,Tom, andJared Adam,Rachel D., and Derrick Amanda, Jesse, and Trent Kaitlyn,Rachael H., andTristan Ricky, Matt, and James Tylor,Maggie, and Nick Drew, Jordan, and Kelsey
“All I Want for Christmas is You” “Santa Baby”  “baby It’s Cold Outside” “Jingle Bells” “Deck the Halls” “Little Drummer Boy” “Mistle-toe” “You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch” “White Christ-mas”  Jingle Bell Rock

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