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{January 8, 2012}   Production Assignment 17

MLK Day Video Project

Starting on Tuesday you will begin working on a video for MLK Day 2012.  In order to prepare you for this project I would like you to click on the link below and listen to the MLK I Have a Dream speech.  Please complete the following steps and post your answers to your blog no later than: Monday, January 9, 2012 by the end of the day.


  •  Open the link to the audio file below in a new window.  As you are listening to the I Have a Dream Speech, take notes on the important ideas that Dr. King brings up. Write these notes down in a word document and post these notes to your blog as a media link, save  the document as your last name, MLK Speech Notes.  (for example: Sanford, MLK Speech Notes) 

  • Answer the following questions on your blog after you have completed your notes.
  1. What are the key words MLK repeats throughout the speech that might stand out in the minds of audience members?  Please pick 5 of these words and write a definition for these words.
  2. Pick three quotes from the speech that stand out to you.  Type them out and tell why they stood out to you.
  3. What images does MLK draw on in the speech to create pictures in the listeners’ minds?Find 5 images and attach them to your blog post.

If for any reason you cannot access the audio file above, the speech transcripts are available at the link below so that you can read the speech:



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