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{January 10, 2012}   MLK Day Video Presentation

For this project you will be creating a documentary style presentation about MLK. 

Theme: MLK, a person of influence

Time Length: 4 minutes-5 minutes

Genre: Documentary Style

Due Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 by the end of the hour.

Must Includes:

  1. Content:
  • Biographical Information about MLK
  • 3 snippets (audio, video or still images) from his speeches, marches, etc.
  • Interviews from at least 3 people, not in Productions class, about MLK or closely related topic

       2.    Video:

  • 3 -5 second intro with title of documentary, students names and music 
  • Transition to close with rolling credits with music
  • Voiceovers of recorded research exported from Audacity
  • Utilization of Camera techniques (steady filming including use of tripods if necessary, different angles, bust shots, panning, zooming, stills)
  • Clean editing (transitions where appropriate, subtitle captions announcing the person/event, consistent sound volumes among clips)
  • Style fitting of documentary tone, consistent throughout documentary.

      3.    Ideas for Documentary: You might consider using one or more of the following guiding questions to shape your documentary.

  • What makes MLK a person of influence?
  • What was MLK’s concept of freedom as outlined in his I Have a Dream speech?  Do you think we have accomplished his ideas?
  • Compare MLK with other, modern day people of influence
  • What are the ideas people have about the American Dream today?
  • How have (or have not) race relations in America changed since the Civil Rights Era of the 1960s?
  • Compare and contrast the Civil Rights Era of the 1960s with the Civil Rights issues of today.
  • Any other topic not seen here, but approved by teacher.

Rubric for Grading Video Project:

Productions- MLK Documentary Rubric


Group 1  Tylor  Matt
Group 2  Chelsea  Nick
Group 3  Monica  Maggie
Group 4  Laura  Ricky
Group 5  Garrett  James
Group 6  Devin  Adam
Group 7  Becca  Rachael H.
Group 8  Tiffany  Brookelle
Group 9  Jared  Rachel D.
Group 10  Desarae  Kelsey
Group 11  Tom  Kaitlyn
Group 12  Alex  Jesse
Group 13  Andrew  Tristan
Group 14  Amanda  Derrick
Group 15  Trent  Jordan

arnoldc7 says:

are you stuil;l exsepting late work? i was thinking when we come back to school on tuesday i could get a video camera from you so i can do my stroke video. I was wondering what assign=ments i can still do to get my grade up. THank you

sanfordb1 says:


I will allow you to make up any assignments that you can complete by Friday, January 20, 2012.

Mrs. Sanford

mrs sanford: ive done several assignments check my blog to see them

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